We are a private company that has a broad spectrum of activities directed towards contributing to increase the production and productivity of the agricultural sector and to improve the standard of living of rural communities around the world.

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Henry William Vivanco

Professor Dr. Henry William Vivanco Mackie heads up Vivanco International. He brings over 20 years experience in the area of Animal Reproduction and Reproductive Technologies. Vivanco Consultants range of services includes:

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Pioneering work in the development of many of the currently available reproductive technologies in farm animals: Ram semen freezing, intrauterine AI in sheep and goats, cervical AI in sheep with frozen semen, stallion semen freezing and horse AI, alpacas semen collection dilution and AI, pigs semen collection, preservation and AI, sheep super-ovulatory regimes, sheep and goats laparoscopic embryo flushing and transfer, sheep embryo bisection, cattle semen freezing and AI, cattle semen preservation at room temperature, cattle ovum pick up and in vitro embryo production and transfer, freezing cattle in vitro embryos for direct transfer, sheep and cattle oestrus synchronization systems, alpacas super-ovulation regimes, cattle and sheep sperm sexing by flow-cytometry, embryo sexing, embryo cloning, cloning of adult individuals.(see list of publications). .