We are a private company that has a broad spectrum of activities directed towards contributing to increase the production and productivity of the agricultural sector and to improve the standard of living of rural communities around the world.

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Division of Consultancy and technological transfer

This Division offers technical consultancy, elaborates feasibility studies, provides technical advice, training and technology transfer of “Know How” (protocols and standard operational processes) for each of the technologies used in the different areas of specialization:

Division for the specialized services in assisted animal reproduction and animal genetic improvement:

This Division offers the following services:

The farmers need to have the proper facilities for the safe execution of the technical operations.

Division of research and technological development:

This Division is devoted to perform scientific research generating knowledge and developing technologies as response to the market needs (enterprises, producers, governments) in the modality of research and technology development contracts in the areas of animal reproduction and genetic improvement, animal production, crops and forestry; animal health; animal biotechnology, plants biotechnology, food science and technology, environmental management, and conservation and utilization of genetic resources.

This Division is very active in research and technological development not only as a service to clients but also as part of the continuous process within the company in order to improve the efficiencies of our technologies and to generate new technologies that will be incorporated into our services.

Division of export and import:

It has the goal of facilitating for the Latin-American and Asian countries the access to products from Australia and New Zealand as well as to facilitate the access of Peruvian and Latin-American products to the rest of the world. The product lines are mainly related with animal products and animal genetics (breeding animals, semen, embryos, oocytes) as well as machinery and instruments for animal production and assisted animal reproduction.