Division of export and import: It has the goal of facilitating for the Latin-American and Asian countries the access to products from Australia and New Zealand as well as to facilitate the access of Peruvian and Latin-American products to the rest of the world.

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International sale of genetic material

VIVANCO INTERNATIONAL SAC is representative for Peru of AMBREED New Zealand for the sale of dairy and beef cattle semen produced by AMBREED in New Zealand.

VIVANCO INTERNATIONAL SAC has an agreement with ABS (Animal Breeding Services) of New Zealand for the marketing internationally of small ruminants and cattle embryos produced by ABS in New Zealand.

VIVANCO INTERNATIONAL SAC is exclusive representative for Latin America of Macquarie Artificial Breeders of NSW Australia; Tattykeel of NSW, Australia; Mazda Wagyu, Victoria, Australia and AGRI-GENE of Victoria, Australia for the marketing of sheep, goat and cattle embryos and semen from Australia.

Breeds we have access to:

a) In Sheep:
* Texel
* Poll Dorset
* Dorper
* Dohne Merino
* East Friesian
* SAMM (South African Mutton Merino)
* Finnish Landrace
* Corriedale
* Merino
* Suffolk
* Hampshire Down
* Romney
* Coopworth
* Charolaise
* other to confirm on request

b) In Cattle
* New Zealand Friesian
* New Zealand Jersey
* Crossbred Frisian x Jersey
* Australian Holstein
* Australian Jersey
* Shorthorn Lechero
* Holstein x Sahiwal (Tauríndicus, Australian Friesian Sahiwal)
* Holstein x Gyr
* Ayshire
* Angus
* Hereford
* Pure Sahiwal from Australia
* Belmont Red
* Murray Grey
* Limousin
* Brahaman
* Bradford
* Brangus
* other to confirm on request

c) In Goats
* Boer
* Saanen
* Anglo Nubian
* Alpine
* Togenburg
* other to confirm on request

Embryos and semen will be produced at our associated laboratories and according to the animal health requirements of the importing country. vivanco global can offer the complete service including the inseminations and/or embryos transfers at the importing country.

Machinery and instruments for animal production and assisted animal reproduction.

VIVANCO INTERNATIONAL SAC, is representative of AUSTVET ENDOSCOPY of Victoria, Australia, for the sale of endoscopic veterinary instruments and assisted animal reproduction equipment

VIVANCO INTERNATIONAL SAC, has developed its own designs of equipment for the collection of semen and artificial insemination of domestic animals which are manufactured for the clients on request.

Export of peruvian and latin american products

Vivanco International sac, offers services of support to farmers, food processors and manufacturers of animal based products (alpaca textiles and garments from natural colour fibres, natural colour sheep garments, etc.) for the export of their products.